At Straight Up Elevator Co. we only install Non-Proprietary controllers and components from all major manufactures. Working with a variety of vendors allows us to provide customized packages with top quality, reliable equipment at an affordable price.


Elevators and Lifts

VE Logo Vertical Express is one of the top manufactures for designing, building and modernizing elevator equipment. They offer complete packages for new installation and modernization for commercial applications. Exceptional quality and professional service is never in question when we deal with Vertical Express.



Schumacher Elevator logoSchumacher Elevator Company manufactures a complete line of both custom engineered and standard elevator systems with more than 75 years of experience. They offer engineered traction and hydraulic machines, including freight cars, from 2,000 to 20,000 pound capacities. All of their products are non-proprietary and of unsurpassed quality.



Canton LogoCanton Elevator is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic elevators. They offer superior quality, a trouble free installation and they stand behind their product. For both residential and commercial applications, this company is an easy choice for dependability, integrity and comfort in equipment.


Savaria LogoSavaria has a proven history for 30 years in the industry, manufacturing quality equipment for residential and limited commercial applications. Savaria offers a diverse product line of elevators, wheelchair lifts, vertical platform lifts and stairlifts. They are willing to customize equipment to the particular needs of the end user and offer excellent service and technical support.


Inclinator LogoAs the designer of the first residential electric elevator back in 1928, Inclinator remains a family owned business after 90 years in the industry. They have a broad range of residential equipment including elevators, wheelchair lifts, stair lifts and dumbwaiters. Inclinator offers resources for architects and builders as well as strong technical support.

Controller Manufacturers

MCE LogoAs the industry leader in non-proprietary elevator controls, MCE has been a trusted manufacturer of universally serviceable and maintainable controls for more than 30 years. Whether you are working on a new construction project or modernizing an existing elevator, MCE keeps the building owner in mind, providing the lowest cost of ownership and affordable upgrades when needed.


Smartrise LogoSmartrise manufactures non-proprietary controllers with a simpler design while providing exceptional quality, reliability and capability in elevator controls. They are truly innovative, making parts readily available and maintainable. They offer great technical support and short lead times for parts.


Elevator Controls LogoElevator Controls has the experience, the knowledge and the innovation in engineering non-proprietary control systems designed for simple installation, adjustment and maintenance. Their unique design makes this advanced technology user-friendly.