137907560You should constantly be on alert for unsafe conditions or situations on your elevators. Here are a few tips to maintain safety at all times:

  1. Be aware of passengers who are acting in an unsafe manner. Be sure to administer warnings to anyone you see misusing the equipment or riding in an unsafe manner.
  2. Be sure the elevator is leveling at every floor. If it does not land evenly with the floor, it can create a tripping hazard and needs to be adjusted immediately. Put the car out of service and call us right away.
  3. If the doors are not opening and closing smoothly or are closing with excessive force, safety edges or light rays and motion detectors may not be functioning properly. Immediately put the car out of service and call Straight Up Elevator Co.
  4. Always be aware of the condition, sound and feel of your elevator. If anything seems suspicious or you sense an abnormal condition, call us right away so that we can be aware of the issue and be able to correct it. If safety is at all in question, shut the elevator down immediately until we can rectify the situation.

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